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No more Normal

Laurel C., Dekalb, MO By Nerd101, Dekalb, MO

Chapter 1
“Eve, stop messing with your makeup and put the book down! We need to do your hair!” Mother yells at me from across the foyer then looks at the clock. “Go to the carriage! Esmeralda, do her hair, now!” Esmerelda rushes over pushing me into the carriage wrinkling my lacy white and blue dress. Esmerelda yanks my curly brown hair into a French braid, putting my headpiece in the middle.

The carriage throws us forward, making a couple curls fly out. Mother glares at the curls “Now this going to be the biggest party of the year! Even King Charles is going to be there; this could be your chance to become princess!” I just roll my eyes. I could never be being in the spot-light and you have to “inside the box”. I could never be just a housewife. The carriage pulls up to a gorgeous palace.

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