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The Communist Manifesto This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By SarahGill, Gilford, NH

A honey hive beats as a heart—
Combs much like arteries,
honey thick as blood.
As a heart beats with unity
to support a greater being.

If several little honeybees
were to rave on about
the importance of their American dream:
their patch of white picket lawn,
2.5 children, a dog,
then those honeybees, still small in stature,
would grow large in power and control,
surviving off tax-evading loopholes.

The beating hive would palpitate!
Any bee who cannot reach
the American dream
would not live as fruitfully!
“I’m a self-made bee, I earned my honey!”
Can’t you hear it now?
“It’s not my job to feed the hive,

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