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A Wizard's Life

By Akw370, Dover, AR

Beep beep beep beep beep went the alarm clock. Another day of school? Where did the weekend go? Where’s the snooze button? I thought as I felt for the alarm clock. Half asleep I watched the clock slam against the wall and shatter without being touched. I must be seeing things.

As I got up and walked to the closet to get my clothes, the closet opened by itself as if it knew what I wanted. First a shirt, then a pair of pants came towards me as they laid themselves on the bed. Okay what’s going on? “MOM!”

She said as she entered my room. “Yes Honey?”

I looked around “have you noticed anything weird lately?”

She looked around the room and notices the alarm clock on the floor. As a huge smile came on her face, she said “Your Powers came in!

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