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Living with Slender

November 22, 2012

By LivingEternally, Keeseville, NY

A wet, painful cough violently erupted from my throat, and I doubled over in pain while putting my hand to my mouth. When I removed it, I saw a red liquid dripping off of my pale palm. I cringed before picking up my flashlight that I hadn’t realized that I had dropped until now. I tried to roll up my enormous and ornate sleeves so that they weren’t in the way, but they kept falling back down, so I gave up on them. Where was I, anyway?

All I could see were trees, and there were no signs of light between the cracks. Darkness was everywhere. The only light that I had was from the moon and the flashlight that I held in my hand. I swallowed. This was creepy…Last I had known, I was drifting off to sleep in my bed, but now I’m waking up in a forest. I shivered.

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