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The House

By MorganDepp, Santee, CA

The house was a typical suburban house in a typical suburban neighborhood. It was a nice house—comfortable, old-fashioned, very quaint. Recently, it had been painted a welcoming light blue to cover up the distasteful yellow that had been fading and peeling for so many years. It was furnished in an old Victorian style, with a bookshelf and coffee table of the same dark wood and a plush leather couch that was colored a deep burgundy. This décor had stayed fairly constant over the many years this house had been in existence.

Living in this house was a girl named Ashley Davis. She and her family had moved in about a week ago. Ashley was the kind of girl who liked to daydream about her future as a wife, a mother, and an artist. She lived with her parents, Kathy and Marcus, who were often away at work. Ashley had beautiful wavy brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and fair skin.

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