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Broken Until I Rise

Alex W., Arrowsmith, IL By NizZzy1, Arrowsmith, IL

Walking down this road. Images of the pat world that I forgotten to see, I want to break out of this shell. I see the sights that burn into my mind without the even attempt to erase them. My sweet ember wants to break out of my mind and toss me off a cliff. I look down this road seeing bodies of women, men, children filling the streets. I want to run away but I cannot these tricks and plots of our leaders have been burned and imprisoned in my head. I beg of you please take them away. My only friend a loaded gun. Bullets my on adversary. Blood, sweat, and tears mean nothing to me anymore. I am unforgiven now so are you! I am just a lone man sitting in a mass affect that I have no control over. I want justice to those who have made me waste my body, my life, and my sanity to be stripped from this earth and tossed into and endless abyss. They sit they are say "look at the puppet dancing" I am risking my life to just become to the next day.

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