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This is Your Story

Bailey V., Melissa, TX By my_story14, Melissa, TX

Does no author seek originality anymore? Granted each author pursues their publications different ways, but every composition contains the same content. They all show the eye what the eye wants to betray… not what the eye must and in result; they become blind.

Every one of you will stroll down a street so nonchalant- not knowing what happens around that alley or behind those closed doors. Even in a novel, where anything and everything can happen, the author doesn’t know either. They show what is in plain sight… what we have already fathomed.

In such rarity can a woman find their Prince Charming and live happily ever after. This is as rare as finding the golden ticket within two Willy-Wonka bars. It has been done, but it happens once in a life time.

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