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The Dive

Carolyn A., Corona, NY By Lynnieluv, Corona, NY

Everybody is leaving behind their pasts and diving into the future, but what if I'm too scared to dive in, I'd rather run back to the past where I knew I was safe.
I looked towards the past,
To those cherry kissed days,
Where laughs were a legacy,
And tears had been banned,
To the best friends and sisters,
Who promised would stay until the end,
But the thread that connects the past and me is fading,
Falling into nothing,
Those promised were broken,
Too faced towards the future,
Forgetting the past.
The thread had been broken,
The past been forgotten,
Faded to black.
I stood in the past,
Darkness evolved me,
Sadness hugged me,
So I was alone.
I looked towards the future,
The future was bright,
the light chasing away the darkness,
I let go of the thread,
Held destiny's hand,
Bowed down to the past,
Smiled toward the light,
And dived into the future.

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