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My Ramblings

By Randomscreennamelalalala, Bonney Lake, WA

I push the keyboard away and slam my head down on the desk.
"Why is all my writing total crap?!" I ask to no one in particular.
I thought I had read something somewhere that said one of the best cures for writers block was to look at the first random object you see and describe it. Maybe I'll give that a go...
It's shiny and smooth, with a small dip in one side to let the juice flow out. The whole thing is a work of art, but it is underused and-
Guess that didn't work. Oh, well. I move my mouse away from the input box on Blogger, (I use Blogger to write all my stuff, then cut and paste it to wherever. I like the format- really simple, with lots of curvy lines. Good for the eyes,) and open a new tab in Google. I try a search for 'Cure for Writers Block', which wields 'about 708,000' results, according to the number displayed below, and as far as I can tell, none of them are useful.

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