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Twentieth-Century American Poetry by Dana Gioia, David Mason, and Meg Schoerke

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Hundreds of anthologies of poetry exist, dealing with a myriad of themes and subjects. However, small portions of those poetic anthologies focus solely on the twentieth century. Twentieth-Century American Poetry, edited by Dana Gioia, David Mason, and Meg Schoerke, is one the few well-written anthologies that focuses primarily on American poetry and poets. Unlike most anthologies that deal with American poetry which tend to feature exclusively the poems of the more popular American poets, Twentieth-Century American Poetry highlights the work of the less celebrated American poets as well. In addition, Twentieth-Century American Poetry includes a small yet detailed biography of each the featured poets. Moreover, it celebrates the poetry of a variety of poets, including women, poets of a different race other than the popular Caucasian poets, and poets of varied religions and beliefs.

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