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The First Day

Izzie O., Little Rock, AR By OracleIz, De Queen, AR

Ch.1 Aiden and Noah

With a flick of his wrist, Aiden Newbury opened the door to his first period Art class. The room was decorated in the atypical,art room way. Color wheels lined the walls,as well as work from the year previous. The seating were individual chairs behind long tables,two each. The tables were arranged in a large square formation, an opening in one corner that allowed room for someone to walk in the middle of the square.

The blond,wavy haired,blue eyed teen boy chose a seat on the far side of the classroom and settled in while others swarmed in for the first class period of the year. A few waved at him,which he returned with a smile but other wise didn't encourage further contact. He was rather well liked among most students,being a friendly and outgoing boy of only sixteen.

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