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December 9, 2012

By Ninz59, Orland Park, IL

The city burned, fire lighting up the night sky as I watched. It wasn’t any normal fire. It was a passionate, enraged fire. The alluring, enticing blue and dark red flames blazed, just like the colors of the sunset. It brought out the burning bitterness in my aphotic heart. The city tumbling to the ground was an exact replica of the vision that drove me to do this. As I watched each building crumble, joy bloomed, and I yearned to see the ending of this terribly inconceivable fortune. What was more beautiful was that I created this with my simple hands effortlessly. Power dwelled in these hands. I created a massacre, and all I needed to do this was a match and gasoline. I admit I had to be insane to be able commit this corrupt act without feeling any ounce of guilt in my uncontrollable body, insanely wonderful that is. It literally was hell on earth, and soon this city would be ashes.

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