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Journal Entry: May 12, 2047

By Dovah, Hemet, CA

Have you ever felt as if your mind was brimming with so much inspiration, too many thoughts, that it would become overwhelmed and just break down? Like a broken clock, dead from too much time? Ha ha. Me neither. I’m way to chill for anything as stressful and intense as that. But one odd day, literally, it was November 19, my zen was disturbed. That was the day when we were taken in by the Fire.

The Fire isn't actually a physical flame, though they burn the same. They are an alien race, and they conquer whole worlds without any weapons what-so-ever. Nope. All they need is for you to feel their presence, and you will slowly become insane. For that’s what fire does. It breaks down civilization. It acts as a drug, toying with the minds of men until they descend into madness. And that’s what happened on November 19.

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