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Big Brother's [De]vices

By nerdgirl999, New York, NY

In the novel 1984, Winston wrote, “If there is hope,... it lies in the proles” (71). Proles are the one group of citizens capable of dethroning the Party, and therefore, for the Party to ensure their perpetual rule, the teeming masses of ignorant proles must remain uninformed of the inner-workings of the Party. As ‘Emmanuel Goldstein’, who in reality is O’Brien, explains in “The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism,” the Middle class, with the help of the Low class (the proles) under the pretense of a battle for liberty, will always overthrow the High class after a period of time and become the High class themselves. The Low class returns to being low, and the three classes exist again. The revolution cycles continually through history so that the ruling power cannot possibly remain forever (206-207). To avoid rebellion, Big Brother uses propaganda, surveillance, the invention of thoughtcrime and historical manipulation to torment the minds of the proles and party members into eternal pacificity.

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