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The Meteorite In My Library This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Alena D., Hemet, CA By aladine_98, Hemet, CA

There’s a meteorite in my school’s library. Over half of the people who walk through the door don’t notice it, and probably never will. It just sits quietly in a display case on the lower floor. People pass by and don’t stop to wonder. A huge chunk of dull grey metal from outer space.

I stop today, and examined it for the third time. I read the description, and one of the lines caught my eye. “Almost every ‘shooting star’ you see at night is actually a meteor. When a meteor hits Earth it’s called a meteorite.”

I pause thoughtfully, pressing my hands to the clear glass. And then I imagine the piece of metal before me heating up, glowing red-orange as it hurtles through our atmosphere, finally making contact with our planet in a cloud of dirt and debris.

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