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Teen Ink Rating and Comments

By LinkinPark12, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

So I’m new here. Well, I still feel like I’m new anyway. Everyone still talks about meaningless names intently on the General Chat, abnormal names that mean nothing to me. Yet it states on my page “Member for 2 months, 10 days, 6 hours, 7 minutes, 55 seconds”. But I know, from the knowledge of submitting my 12th article that ratings and comments mean a lot to the author, no matter how negative.

When I first joined, I advertised my stories forcefully every minute I could; to my family, to my friends, but mainly to the people who were online. Not many responded, but even so, most articles had a few ratings or even more rare, comments. Mainly positive, but a few laced with constructive criticism. These had around 90 views, though I imagine half of these must have been mine, in the constant viewing in desperate hope that someone commented within the last 5 seconds of me checking.

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