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By AriannaB, Mechansville, IA

Breath, in, out, simple concepts but to my surprise can be hard to do.

Let me set the scene, it was a cold, summer night. The dark sky overcast the small town. Autumn and I were wearing aeropostal sweatpants and school t-shirts, no shoes. We volleyed the ball between us.

I heard the screams from down the street, the hair raising type of scream. It had one purpose, help. Breath, in, out. The thought of a shooting down the street was easy, it had happened many times, but now? We grabbed the ball and went inside.

The next day was when the real part happened. Never did I think I’d be there when stuff went down. I was from this town, it was my town. I was just visiting for the summer, but really, I owned it.

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