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It's All in You're Head

Levi M., BURKE, VA By NickBottom, BURKE, VA

Scene 1
Spencer Deas’s Living room. Spencer is asleep on the couch, stage right. There is a desk, next to the couch, cluttered with papers and other materials. While Spencer is sleeping, the lights go up, and Jennifer walks in slowly. She organizes the desk, picks up a paper, and begins to read.
Jennifer (Reading.): “The colors of war paint the broken canvass of the ground. I hear red, I see screams, I taste the smell of congealed blood in my mouth. Stumbling, falling, I inch my way towards the nurse’s tent, twenty feet away, and yet, a mile. I reach for the flap; the sear of molten lead in my thigh, and I keel over, falling to the ground. Falling, falling, falling… (Enter Actor)
Actor: Help me…help me please…I’m…I’m dying…
Jennifer as Nurse: My God!

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