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My friend

Bailey V., Melissa, TX By my_story14, Melissa, TX

My friend Kate:
Nothing you can do could ever make her smile. She keeps the same mien day-in-day-out. She looks as if she is permanently disappointed in some poor unworthy soul and she was. She hated who reflected in the mirror. It looked her up and down and laughed. She despised her- all of her, so she did all she could to make her ugly.

She tore clumps of her russet curls straight from her scalp and watched them burn in a fire. Nothing she perceived seemed beautiful to her anymore. She’d rise with swollen eyes every morning and not understand why. She then discovered that she sobbed in her sleep. There was no way to hide what was left of her gorgeous green eyes. So she colored them with black and prayed no one who says a word of it and they did not.

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