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UMD Essay

By Anonymous, FREDERICK, MD

There are many parts that add to the sum of me, and that have created who I am today. Much of who I am today has come from my Indian heritage and family. Learning about my father’s culture opened my eyes on the differences between cultures around the world. I believe that an ideal society is one that is very culturally-diverse, so people can respect others and the way they live. My father grew up in an Indian village with no power, water, or technology, but he still to make it in the world. My mother came from a family that was not very wealthy, but she has overcome that and pursued a successful career. Now, I live with all of these amenities and many, many more which has made me very thankful for how I live and appreciate how far my family has come.

The other parts that add up to me are my friendships, community service, and writing ability.

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