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Teenager Playing Mom and Wife? Oh my Life.

January 3, 2013

Ashley Q., Fruitland Park, FL By MissMarie, Fruitland Park, FL

I bet most of you wake up to an alarm clock right? I used to....before I had an infant perfectly capable of screaming so loud I get so scared, fall out of bed, and fall onto the large cup of water I set aside my bed every night. Thats my alarm clock. Its 5:47am. Shoot me. My sons eating his oatmeal while I eat this lovely apple I have prepared for myself. Im cooking eggs, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns for my husband before he travels off to work. I had bags the size of chocolate krispy cream donuts under my eyes. My hair is doing something I cant even explain and im pretty sure my slippers dont even match. This is my morning. Haha. Now im just waiting for my manager to call so I know what photoshoots I'll have today if any. My friend Sabrina a fellow model is coming to workout at 7am. Shes one of those friends you hate but have because she knows all the latest drama and pays for your lunch too when you go out because her dads head is so far up her perfectly tanned butt she gets whatever she wants.

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