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The Tombstone

Igor R., Inverness, IL By IgorR, Inverness, IL

The television shows only static. The radio does not make any sound. All the phones are muted. I decide then to write a report of what happened last night, that fateful night when I had to face my worst fears. I don’t search any sort of entertainment or amusement by writing this testimony. In this fearful and frail, yet so disturbingly real state of mind that I find myself in, writing the story of my experience is the only way to keep me lucid, away of those terrible shadows that... Those undescriptible creatures that make me question my own sanity. But I heard them, I felt them, and now I need to describe them, because I know that this apprehension will haunt me for many time, or at least for the time I have left in this damned house.
I moved to this isolated mansion seeking reclusion after my wife’s death. She passed away on the day my son was was born.

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