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Waiting to disappear by April Young Fritz

Madiha Y., Karachi, Pakistan By MadihaYameen, Karachi, Pakistan

Waiting to Disappear
April Young Fritz
Recommended to all teenage girls
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
It is a story of 13-year-old girl, Buddy, whose elder brother, Booth, died in a car crash two years before. Her mother has not got out of her grieving period, and soon she leaves to live in an old house. She tries so hard to bring her back, but her mom’s heart is immovable.
Buddy’s life is messed-up. She was looking forward to this summer vacations but everything, one by one, starts falling apart. She is miserable, young as she is, she is so sensitive and emotional, but very strong girl for a 13-year-old. However, his big brother, Booth, did not leave her in the dark to fight alone. He had taught her few – but very useful – things, like “Keep quiet when you have got nothing to say, hug anything that will let you, and no matter what you are doing, have a good time”.

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