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You Don't Know It, But I Love You (A Letter Never Sent)

January 5, 2013

Peyton C., Rancho Cordova, CA By Ms.PeytonLovesHP, Rancho Cordova, CA

Dear Jenna,

I guess I’m never going to have the guts to send this. I mean, come on. We’re best friends, and you have a boyfriend, for Pete’s sake (Even if he is a total piece of crap!). That would be, like, the definition of awkward…. So I’ll have to keep this to myself, I suppose.

Ah, why don’t you see me the way I see you? Why don’t you know that I love you, that I always have? Why do you choose him over me? Don’t you know he treats you like dirt? He doesn’t even come close to deserving you- and maybe I don’t either, but I could make you happy.

He calls you pretty- he’s so far off the mark it’s not even funny. You aren’t pretty- that’s too far a crass word to describe you.

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