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Why to take JROTC

By alex1996, Merritt Island, FL

JROTC is a course that many students, freshman to seniors, are interested in. It is also a course that many are not interested in because they do not know the facts about the class. Many people think that JROTC is strictly a class that should be taken only if your desires after high school or college are to go into one of the branches of the military. That stereotype is not true. The truth is JROTC offers more than just what one would consider military training.
The truth about JROTC is that it is really just like any other class. You sit in a desk, have a handbook, attendance is taken, and once in a while, physical training is done. In fact, we have to do reports like this one, called an Info Brief, where we had to get up in front of the class and tell about ourselves for at least two minutes. We had to write the report and turn it in, so by doing that our writing skills were also practiced.

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