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Discussing Ambiguity in Films

By ckckred, Greenwich, CT

Two films in the past few years have utilized ambiguity: The Master and The Tree of Life. Both films have polarized audiences and have both a fair share of admirers and detractors (I am an ardent fan of both). But these weren't the first films to have done this in the past. David Lynch's Mulholland Drive used this as well, and of course I cannot forget the great grandaddy of it: 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I will defend any of these movies against anyone. I was one of the very few bloggers who loved The Master, and declared The Tree of Life to be the best film of 2011. 2001: A Space Odyssey is my second favorite movie of all time after Apocalypse Now, and Mulholland Drive would also be in my top ten.

So I thought I should have a discussion about ambiguity. I feel that the directors, like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Terrence Malick, are all trying to use ambiguity to have a deeper meaning in their films.

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