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Vacation Day 2

By MissTarbet, Petersburg, TX

The day dawned bright and early. I rolled out of my bed with a smile on my face and yesterday cleared from my mind. Millie and I saw Chelsea at breakfast and explained that we couldn’t spend the day with her and Ian. She took it all in stride and when I wasn’t being bratty because I was jealous of her boyfriend, we got along well. After eating together she made us promise that we didn’t want to go out on the boat with them. We insisted we just wanted to hang out on the beach and she left us alone. And then Millie and I didn’t run into Chelsea or Ian for the rest of the day.
As if I could be so lucky.
The day did dawn early, though it wasn’t as bright as I had hoped. I tried not to think of the clouds as bad omens, but I had been going through a pessimistic streak lately and I’m not a morning person. Millie is worse somehow.

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