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By Thomas B., Wayland, MI

Today is the day that i can do whatever I want, because I gave the dog a walk when my mother told me to. My mom came into the room fiercely and furiously asking me what am i going to do, but I was not sure so i couldn't answer her questions. They were not just an ordinary questions but questions no ordinary person could answer. For example, are you going to buy a giraffe? Will you eat a dog? Will you go grab a sharks fin and swim with it? I'm just confused on why she really cares what i do.

The last time i had a day where i could do anything i want was back in July 19, 1997. All, i did was sit on the slippery smooth and grey couch until around 10:17 p.m , and went to go into my slick new frusha Toyota Prius with neon green rims , surround system and a new sun roof. SWEET! I took this car for a quick spin around town until i hit this speed bump.

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