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Inhumane Zoos

By SaherK, Columbus, NJ

Many people go to the zoo every year, but do not realize how inhumane they are. People go to the zoo to see animals, but don’t really think about how they got there and their living situations. Animals in the zoo are put in a cage to stay, while if they were in the wild they could roam freely. Zoos are brutal to animals.

Animals at the zoo are in cages all day. How would you feel if you had to stay in your house every day, without having the choice to leave? People may argue that animals at the zoo eat, have a space to sleep, a cage that looks like the habitat of the animal; however, people have food, a bed, and the needed habitat of a human. People still have to leave there house to get fresh air, and lots of people exercise in a gym which will require for you to leave the house. Humans need exercise and so do animals.

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