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The Moonlit Cave

January 10, 2013

By Ian R., Holland, MI

The air was cold and harsh as it whipped my face, making howling noises as it went through the bare trees. The discolored, dead leaves cracked underneath the weight of my boots as I stepped through the forest. The only light to guide me was the full moon that appeared through spots in the clouds. My hands were trembling and numb, not sure if it was from the cold, or the childish fear that something may be lurking in the dark. As I got closer to the hill my heart started to pick up pace, I knew what might be over that hill and know I’m second guessing every setting off in the first place. Was uncovering the secret of the unknown really worth the risk? I began to climb the steady slope being careful where to place my feet for there was wickedly tangled roots all over from where years of erosion had washed away the soil. Getting ever so close to the top I began to smell the faint scent of mildew and stagnant water, the thought of what might be in there made my head go numb and my body gave a quick shiver.

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