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Rachel, Jack, and a Third Party

Julia M., Northborough, MA By irishsista14, Southborough, MA

Rachel and Jack
“Please, Rachel. Please stop. Please...” Jack’s voice faltered and he looked away from his girlfriend; well make that his ex-girlfriend now. But even though he was focused on the window to his left, he knew her piercing blue eyes were still staring at him pitifully.
“I’m sorry Jack. You don’t know how sorry I am. I just...I just love him okay? I just love him.”
“More than me apparently,” he muttered spitefully. His eyes darted back to her and silently pleaded with her. Rachel tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear, one of the many things she often did when she was nervous. He always found it kind of cute. But right then he hated it.
“You know I love you Jack. I do. I really do love you.” She reached out her slender hand and placed it over his larger one.

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