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Unfathomable Truths

January 10, 2013

By PearlX, Ypsilanti, MI

There are certain truths you can’t fathom, like why the caged bird sings or where the ducks go in the winter. But today, you take a leap of faith and take a step impulsively outside of your ivory door. Oh, that ivory door that sits like a brick wall between you and the world. A rush of wind hits your face, somewhat like how waves crash onto the pier every night at the sea. There is nothing you can’t do. Today, you can accomplish anything.

Twirling… twirling and swirling, you spin, spin, spin. Hands reached toward the sky, the world is moving at 1,038 miles per hour and yet you usually feel nothing. Right now, you beat the earth. You are the earth. Veins that lead into your body are trees, sprouting out, sprouting out of your hand; you are no longer made of epithelial tissue and melanin.

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