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Tears Of The Moon by Nora Roberts

By sv_praveen_trichy, Parowan, UT

'Those who dream by day bring beauty to the world.' After finished reading the book Tears of the moon, I was left with the question, Will this happen in my life? Shawn Gallagher was a talented musician. He spends most of his time in wondering about the true meaning of life. He felt he was well contented in his life, but in real he felt he was left alone. Things had not changed till he met Brenna O'Toole, a friend of Shawn’s sister Darcy, who changed his life. Brenna was a singer. From the beginning of the novel, Brenna was in love with Shawn. When she hears the song of Shawn’ When I am alone in night, and moon shed its tears, I know my world is you,' She was really touched by the song. Shawn though loved her, he hides his feelings.
After some time, a man from America named Magee reached their place and planned to start a theater for music near the pub of Brenna.

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