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that summers coffe

By Anonymous, palm desert, CA

It was your first two weeks off your collage summer break and you were going to your first One Direction concert ever and you were super exited. Like any other girl you fan girl about meeting One Direction and one of them would fall in love with you and you would pretend that you had no idea who they were and he would say that you were super cool and that he loved that you weren’t crazy about them. Then you guys would get married and have children and finally you would live happily ever after.

So your best friend Megan and you got there like about five or six in the morning. You were both super exited. You sat in row six of section two which was pretty close. When the show started Zayn was the first to come out. You literally almost fainted. After the show (of almost four hours) was over. You were super sad and disappointed because your only chance of actually meting Zayn and him knowing you actually exist, but that was over now.

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