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Tree Running (part 3)

By Shen4, Quezon City, NCR, Philippines

“All throughout the training centre are monsters who are attracted to the st“Time’s up!” announced Sir Nichols. Eleven groups of threes were left. Already thirty-three of the eighty-five had failed. Only fifty-one remained, three of which were Rex, Zath, and Shen.

“The first test is done!” The newbies and youngsters cheered.

“Now for the second test!” Shouted Sir Nichols, to be heard over the noise. Soon it died down and Sir Nichols continued speaking.

“This test is on survival and teamwork. You, in your groups of seven will be entering one of our enclosed training centres. You will be in there for five days. During that time I will have some of my men go into the training centre too. They will be carrying three coloured sticks each.

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