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The Mystery of Music

By Anonymous, Newburgh, NY

Us teens sometimes...okay a lot of the times listen to music based on our feelings. We're happy: we listen to something upbeat that we can break out in dance to, were sad: we listen to something really hopeless and depressing so we can start crying, we're heart broken or in love: we listen to Taylor Swift. But is all this a good thing? When you're angry does it really help to blast a song that feeds your anger? This really needs to stop before you're not only thinking angry thoughts, but you are just an angry person all together. I believe in all our emotions we should turn to Jesus. Yea, now I sound like an old person...JUST KIDDING! I don't! I actually sound like a Jesus Freak and I'm quite proud to be one. I'm just saying, what if in all our emotions we listened to music not about us, but about our Savior.

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