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By helizabethg, New York, NY

It’s a strange thing, having your life change so drastically in such a short period of time. One minute you’re a popular, healthy, little girl, happy as can be. The next, you’re the weird kid, 100 pounds overweight from inactivity, who is absent all the time or is too spaced out to pay attention.

Most people think that when you get sick all it really affects is your health. Not Lyme disease. The spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi burrows its way into every crevice of your life, infecting not just your body but your entire being. After five years, there’s really not much left of who you were before you got sick: you’re a totally new person.

For me, it all started in sixth grade. The parasites attacked my brain making me moody and depressed and stealing my energy, leading to the loss of my human friends, but television galloped in like a white knight on a trusty steed to give me new ones: the characters in my favorite TV shows.

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