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Valerie L., Oakville, Canada By Rolledthestone, Nowhere, Canada

If you called the world on a telephone,
would anyone pick up when your name on Caller ID was shown?
Or would they let it go to their answering machine,
thinking your message was a prank from a rowdy teen?
And if the world called you on your cell,
would you listen to what it had to tell?
Or would you let it ring for hours on end,
what it has to say does not affect me you’d pretend.
But whether you’d hang up is not the point I’m trying to make,
I wanted to inform you of what’s at stake,
when you turn your back on the world as it calls for you,
and put off responding for I can tell you what will ensue.
Come the day you need the world to receive your speech,
no one will show up and hear what you have to preach.
The lesson will be lost,
who knows at what cost,
and all you have to do to make sure this doesn’t occur,
is interrupt your ringtone and answer her.

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