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Haley R., Goffstown, NH By hvolleyball17, Goffstown, NH

With bruised legs and tired looking knee-pads you sprint halfway across the court to get to a ball that is now descending from its highest point in the air. It’s still another three feet away from you and you know that if you don’t get down and dirty on the floor then you wont get to the ball in time to save it. Trying not to slam your knees to hard into the ground you fall and lift one arm. You then get the ball just before it hits the ground. Now you finally hit the floor and slam your side into the ground, your jersey is the only thing to protect your side from the pain that you know is coming. But you ignore it and trot back to your spot on the court and wait for the ball to come back over the net to most likely do it again.

Volleyball is my way of life. It is my way to calm down after a hard day at school.

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TOTally can relate sister, being a freshman sucks, I cant wait for it to end either! But It's powerful and awesome that you get through the toughness of those mean sophmores and still continue to love and continue with volleyball. I rememeber one year I was in softball, I love softball, and the girls on the team were in a clique i wasnt part of, and it ruined my season and they really made me feel bad and i skipped a whole season because of them, but this story is really inspiring for me and now im going to play softball whether those girls like it or not! SO HA! :) GREAT JOB!
May. 13, 2013 at 10:20 AM • Report