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Radio Music

By jlamkin, Cambridge, MA

Let me begin by defining music. Music, organized sound, can be anything, whether its a guitar, banjo, or even banging two rocks together. Now we all know that music, although usually extremely annoying, is constantly being played on radio stations around the world. And as much as I’d like to say that basically 99% of it isn’t music, I’d just be contradicting myself. But what i can say is that the modern radio music SUCKS!

The music that used to always be played was good ol’ Rock N’ Roll. The thing about rock is that its a broad concept. Rock can be anything, from the classics all the way to the verge of becoming hard hitting metal. With such a large variety of rock, you would think that there would be more rock fans. So why do radio stations seem to play nothing but that pitchy, annoying, unintelligent “party music” that all you need to make it is a computer and a 4th grade education.

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