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Death Dealer

By Esteban C, milwaukee, WI

It's freezing; I feel the breeze sent chills and Goosebumps up my spine my hand were shacking I do not know why it never happen to me ever before. I had done it already I couldn't take back F

!!! I screamed loudly in my car. All it took was five minutes to do it surely karma does come back to haunt you. Five minutes were I was sitting on top of the tree slightly behind him a couple of feet away. In those five minutes a take a life away, tore dreams apart, left kids fatherless. I never would have known if his family was waiting for him to eat dinner. I was handling death between my hands I felt the fire burning and the adrenalin running thru my veins as I pulled the trigger and let it go as I seen the body drop breathlessly down on the drive way I got down the tree and ran in my car. I felt the guilt inside of me the feeling that I never felt since I worked as a hit man.

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