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Is truth absolute?

By coollog, Painted Post, NY

A pear is a fruit. A pear is a fruit that grows on plants. A pear is a fruit that grows on plants from the genus Pyrus. These statements are all truths. However, are they all absolute? The second statement, though, is a more complete truth than the first, and the third is more complete than the second. If the second statement is more “truthful” than the first and the third more than the second, how can the second statement be more absolute than the first and likewise for the third? The answer is that truth is not absolute at all. Truth is all relative. In fact, there are three types of relativity in truth.

Relative in chronology:

Some truths that change with time or consensus truths that change as society accepts new truths. Usually new discoveries and evidence shed new light on previously-accepted truths, generating more “truthful” truths.

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