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Cyber Bullying

By Bmattson23, Hartland, WI

Dear Incoming Freshmen,

There are a few things you need to know before entering high school. A lot of you have seen TV shows about teenagers in high school bullying the “losers” and the “not cool people.” But this is not actually true. Teenagers’ nowadays to bullying online, it’s cowardly and hurtful. Many teens do it to fit in or to look cool in front of their friends. It’s not funny. Everyone needs to start to reduce the bullying because many kids have cut themselves over this or sometimes it’s even lead to suicide.

This is a very serious issue. Many students go to school, then come home and hide behind a computer and bully other kids over the Internet. This is an easy way to get away with bullying, it’s away from school and you don’t actually say it in person.

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