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He Always Was

By dancingintheflames, kirksville, MO

She sat on a bucket, sun beating down on her back, the glare of a ponds water dancing in her eyes, he was there with her. Like he always was. They were best friends, not the kind that talked all the time or went on crazy adventures, they were the silent, understanding type. They went fishing a lot because when they fished it was like their souls were connected in a certain kind of harmony. And somehow when she was with him, her world seemed alright. He came to all of her ballgames, every single one, and he loved it. He loved everything she did, not because he loved being there but because he knew those things made her happy. He was never pursuing his own happiness because he was completely selfless. When she said goodbye he never had to say that he loved her, he just did a wink of sorts and even when her world felt like it was falling in around her, that wink somehow held up the walls.

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