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By Anonymous, Chicago, IL

I have been bullied
Bullies hurt you
Mentally and Emotionally
Words bullies say
Hurt me the most
Why call me that
If they don’t know me
Is it just because, they think I’m different
Or why
I suffer by those offensive words
They torment me
People make fun of me
But, I can’t do anything
I just got to listen
I just hope one day it will stop
I don’t like being bullied
Or bullying people
I especially hate
When bullies judge you
Judge you by, your religion
And personality
Who are they to judge me?
No one
So they should keep their mouths shut
I only wish they will feel the pain

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1 comment(s)
So sad. This is a great message. Keep writing and remember your words even when it's hard :)
Jan. 24, 2013 at 6:02 PM • Report