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A New America

By prsdsantiago, Franklin, WI

A New America
65 years. It’s now been roughly 65 years since they took over. We’re no longer a free country, land of the stars and stripes, land of the strongest army on the planet, or even the continent.

I have to go back a little though. Back to when it all started. 2140. America has just surpassed China in employment rates and technology for the first time in over 100 years. American’s were ecstatic, filled with patriotism, and nationalism. President Hernandez promised that we would never again fall into a recession comparable to the ones in the early 21st century again, and we believed him. On the other side of this event, were those who thought that things were getting too good to be true. How did we outsmart China? They had as many honor students as we had students.

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