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Young Man

Julia M., Northborough, MA By irishsista14, Southborough, MA

“Now would ya look at that?” Betty nudged Joanne’s arm and pointed in the direction of the diner entrance. In walked a small boy, probably not yet ten years old, back hunched from the burlap sack he struggled to carry. He glanced around the diner nervously then chose a spot in the corner booth. When he passed Betty and Joanne at the counter he gave them a slight smile. They smiled back and Joanne even said, “Good morning, sir!” That made the boy beam, exposing an adorable gap-toothed grin from ear to ear. Then he quickly scurried to his booth.
“I’ll take this one,” Joanne whispered to Betty and as she made her way across the diner, she grabbed a freshly baked muffin and a small cup of coffee. When she had arrived at the boy’s table, he was looking blankly down at his hands. “Coffee and a muffin on the house,” she said and he looked at her suspiciously.

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