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Spotlight on the AHS Mens Volleyball Seniors

January 21, 2013

By 5Rafferty, Nashotah, WI

Boys Varsity volleyball, coached by Shane Reid have started their 2012 season.
There are eight seniors this year: Andrew Patek, Matt Dassow, Chad St. Martin, Jake Steinhart, Nate Hevrdejs, Brad Strandberg and Kevin Leroy.
Senior Matt Dassow says, “I’m happy and so excited to be playing another year of Arrowhead Volleyball. I’m so pumped and ready to play the rest of the season.”
Dassow, didn’t try out freshman year, but he did go out for the team as a sophomore and made JV.
Senior Kevin Leroy says, “I’m sad that this will be my last year as a Warhawk.”
Leroy has been playing all four years of High School. As a freshman, he was on JV. As a sophomore, junior and senior, he was on Varsity.
Leroy says, he’s had a lot of experience playing with the older boys and is thrilled to be one of them now.

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