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Teen Drinking Parties - Where are the Parents?

By 5Rafferty, Nashotah, WI

As many people are aware, most teens these days tend to drink. Most try and go too far lengths to work around their parents and try not to get caught. But some parents are aware of their teens drinking, and take the extra steps to make their kid and other kids safe.

The parents that aren’t home when their kid decides to throw an underage drinking party have no control over what happens. But when parents are home, they have the control over what happens to some extent. They are able to set the boundaries of what happens throughout the night. They can control when people leave and they set the rules saying that their child has to clean up all the messes from that night and if anything get’s out of hand, they will be the one punished.

The parents who allow their kids to drink, but under their supervision are much smarter than having to sneak around your parents and making things more complicated.

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