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Emotions Are Deeper Than Emoticons

By rockstardream, i'm not saying, GA

Have you ever been on the brink of sadness, balancing between stable contentment and reeling unhappiness? Where you’re upset about one small thing and then everything else sad and irrelevant comes flooding into your mind and it won’t leave you alone and you just sit there pondering and wondering and reveling? Where you’re at the point of tears stinging your eyes but not quite spilling over? When you sit and wonder why you can’t escape the monstrous rut you’ve somehow stumbled into, so you keep on numbly sitting there. Pondering and wondering and reveling. Too many words clouding your mind to form together into a decent song. You’ve successfully managed to cling to happiness despite the smallest and largest of recent tribulations, but now, one thing has caused you to go riveting into the darkness. One thing has made your fingers begin slipping from the rope to which they clung. Yeah. Emotions are deeper than emoticons.

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